While “Harvey” Pass By

While sitting here at home, I looked out of my patio door and thought, “this could be worst, but it’s not over yet”.   I felt like this was time to write, think, or maybe clean my room.   I did none of them.  I just rest!  Sometimes when you have time like this, just rest! Give that busy brain a rest!  Drink plenty of ice water, enjoy a good meal and just rest while “Harvey” pass by!!!!

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When You Do Good!

When you do good and something you feel is bad happening, remember it’s God’s doing.  When you do bad and know to do good, then something you feel is bad happening, then you are reaping Doing Goodwhat you sowed, this is biblical.  So my question to you is “What are you doing”?  Are you being kind or are you trying to bring someone down?  Be careful!  #DoRightBeKindStayHumble #keeplifesimple #theothersideofthestory