Author and Self-Publisher Tamikio L. Reardon


I had the pleasure of during a brief interview with my author friend Tamikio L. Reardon on today!

Daphine:  How long have you been writing?
Tamikio:  I been writing since early January 2015
Daphine:  How many books have you written?
Tamikio:  6 books.
Daphine:  Wow
Tamikio:  lol, but I am constantly editing them and rewriting them because I am getting better with writing and ideas.
Daphine:  Well this again was a short interview I wanted to share.  To purchase my author friend book visit Author Page:  Shop for all Tamikio L. Reardon books and other Tamikio L. Reardon related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about Tamikio L. Reardon and visit her website

A Floody Day

As I listen to the rain and open my front door to watch the flood waters creep up my sidewalk.  I thought to myself, what if this water come up to my front door and what would I do!  Since I can’t do anything about the water rising I will just watch what God is going to do next.  Whatever He does it is done well!  #keepinglifesimple Floody Day