The Other Side of the Story + A Giveaway!!!!

This is an amazing opportunity! Thanks Faith.

Faith Simone

Now, y’all know I like helping authors promote their books because the struggle is real out here in these streets. Today, I’m featuring Daphine Pricilla Brown-Jack and her book The Other Side of the Story. Plus, she didn’t come up in here empty handed: she’s giving away a paperback copy of her book! Check out the deets below.

The other side The Other Side of the Story

On August 26, 2009, Daphine Priscilla Brown-Jack thought everything was fine. While driving home from work, she began to reflect on her day, grateful for all her blessings. But just as her gut instinct told her something was wrong, her phone rang. As her daughter relayed news of an allegation against her husband—the man who was always serving and loving God and his family—Daphine’s life plunged into turmoil. Suddenly, nothing was fine.

In the coming months as the situation in her home grew unbearable, Daphine knew…

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